Hillary Clinton Acceptance Speech

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much America.

240 years ago, the United States started a journey towards building a nation.

240 years ago, the people said it was enough.

We can do it together.

We know what we want and how we want it.

And 240 years later, democracy is still winning.

This victory is not mine alone;

This victory is a victory for America.

It is a victory for what we believe in as the most powerful nation in the world; and most importantly, a victory for everyone that believes in the American dream.

Democracy, as we know it, stand for unity among all; freedom for all who have a vision for the greatness of the nation and for self; freedom for the oppressed and belittled; and freedom for the minorities who have often felt out of place, even after recognizing America as their only home.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the people around me that supported my cause all through and led me to this point because they believe in me.

Bill, for starters, has always believed in me even in moments of self-doubt; reiterating constantly that this nation is where it is because of the bold at heart and the visionaries who fought to have their voices heard.

Chelsea, you constantly reminded me of the promises I made to you as a child growing up, most of which had mentions of uplifting those who lacked the platform, a mantra that I have always believed.

President Barrack Obama has been a good friend to me, and it is only from good friends that you learn how to best address your agenda, especially when they too, believe that what you have in mind is exactly what this great nation needs, and more.

The First Lady Michelle Obama made it her personal mission to put smiles on our children’s faces and hope in our youth, always ensuring they believed in the greater America they wanted, and in their dreams;

There is a reason the people of Virginia keep promoting Tim Kaine; I am glad your curiosity to know more about this man and his faith got to the best of you; he never disappoints when it comes to service delivery.

Finally, to my supporters, without whom we would not be here, I would like to tell you that I will not forget everything we discussed during our journey.

The passion I have seen in you as you expressed your ideas to me was amazing; keep up the spirit and energy, and join the others, as only then will they know we meant what we said.

To Donald Trump, my worthy opponent, I would like to say I admire the energy you had in presenting your agendas; I welcome you to partner with us and inspire those who believe in you to join us in building the nation and nurturing the various entrepreneurial industries and projects that are propping up every day, a field wherein I respect you most.

Fellow democrats across the nation have presented ideas that will lead to job creation the raising of wages. This is necessary as the cost of living keep rising, but employers do not respond with the much-needed raises. A lot of businesses that meant a lot to communities acorss the country closed for reasons linked to regional, national and global economics. I want us as a democrat administration to work towards revicving these industries as they are vital to the regions they are located, and to the state.

My vision is a united America; throughout this campaign trail, we have witnessed a campaign trail that has highlighted the fact that we are still far from calling ourselves united; every citizen of the United States needs to feel as though this is their home, which they will defend at all costs.

My most prioritized policies are ending LGBT discrimination, reforming immigration and addressing criminal justice issues; these have been the greatest cause for strife among the citizens, and once addressed, will create a more conducive environment for peace, stability and growth.

It is my hope that we shall remain united as we proceed and maintain an all-inclusive culture when addressing issues that concern us all. It is only through this that we will ever experience the best of democracy.

Once again, thank you America.



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