Feeding the Street Light to replace Stained Linen following the admission of their lead singer.

The band of five, Feeding the Street Light is expected to replace Stained Linen by performing in place of the latter in the upcoming Legendary Fete organized by Gibson’s Flute music school at the county’s stadium.

The above decision has come into being after the lead vocalist of Stained Linen, Mike Raymone, was hospitalized earlier yesterday following an undisclosed series of events. The band’s manager, Livertone Jay, was reached and had the following to say.

“The doctors maintain that Raymone may have to spend another fourteen days in hospital to allow monitoring. It is a big blow for the band and its fan base. It is unfortunate that the band will not be able to perform on the seventh of this month, we hope that will be made up for some time before 2016 in grand show.”

Our team has been busy making replacements with equally reputable music groups to play the headline act role. To rectify the situation, the team has contacted various top bands with huge followings including; The Jet Set, Controversy Surrounds, Sons of Construction, Mayhem Rooster and Feeding the Street Light as well as various solo artists.

The team chose to have Feeding the Street Light replace Stained Light since, according to previous independent concerts, the Texas based American Alternative rock band has had a large following in most of North America. The band’s lead singer Mike Specter received the offer from the band manager and agreed to lead his team to the Legendary Fete. Receiving the invitation, the bands manager, Mila Hudson had the following to say:

“We are sad for our brother in music band and are glad to fill the space. The band promises to exude the same effects as was expected of Stained Linen.”

The performance will feature the greatest drummer in the music history, Feather Filler, who will play alongside other independent instrument players from all over North America.

To bring out a near similar effect that would have been felt with Stained Linen on the stage, the funds set for the event will have to be adjusted, preferably upwards, to accommodate the new players. The adjustments also have chances of increasing the returns due from the fete by 6% following the new crowd from followings of the additional players.