The event with take place on the 31st of October 2015 at a selected location. Events that will precede the event are outlined below and illustrated in the PRET chart that follows:

  1. Inform school or campus deans, officials and administrative officers.
  2. Design, write copy and get approval of printed materials, including printed invitations and contact mail services to help with the coordination of the mailing of the printed materials.
  3. Get approval of the list containing the invited guests
  4. Book entertainers and decide on the type of music to be played at the event.
  5. Make arrangements for facility and décor.
  6. Go over the logistics with the event coordinator. A
  7. Mail out parking permits and confirmation tickets as well as detailed instructions regarding the maps, tickets and permits.
  8. Write introductions and speeches for introducing the event and acknowledgements.
  9. Plan a meeting for all staff, greeters, volunteers and ambassadors to address their duties of the event day.
  10. Issue prepared speeches and introductions to their respective articulators.
  11. The Big day: Halloween. – Inspect the facilities
  12. Enjoy the event
  13. Send thank you notes and gestures to vendors, volunteers and everyone involved to making the event a success.
  14. Evaluate the success of the event in a meeting and identify the strong points and areas to improve on in the next event.


The event coordination committee will engage in a one-day fundraising ceremony to be held both physically and virtually on other appropriate platforms. The day for the fundraising will be on Saturday September 19, 2015 for hours between mid-morning and 1600hrs in the evening. The location for the fundraising will be communicated later through all the relevant platforms that expected attendees frequent. The location will depend on the funds raised and the affordability of the location including the expenses to be incurred in making the event a success.

Funds to be raised will be used to purchase the eatables in the event including food, snacks, and a wide variety of drinks for the attendees to choose from. Funds raised in the occasion will be topped up with those ones collected from other platforms and budgeted upon by the event coordinators. In case the funds collected are found to be less than what the committee expected, more from other sources will be included to back up the purpose of the fundraiser funds. The other sources would be anything from sponsors to grants.

Majority of the resources collected from sponsors will be used to purchase rather relatively permanent equipment for the event. The funds realized will be used to obtain and set up prizes for outstanding performances and pay for the music and entertainers present for the event. Entities that provide the event with grants will also be welcome and appreciated highly. Grants will be accepted since they will positively adjust the budget and reduce the funds to be spent on the particulars received as grants. Sponsors and entities that provide the event with grants and support will be given the chance to sit various meeting sittings with regard to the event.


To reach a greater audience, the Halloween event to be hosted will have to be widely marketed. The event committee will choose three media to air and present the event to the public. The first medium will be the use of posters to advertise the event. The posters will include contact information to ensure that people who decide to contact the organizers get the information they need regarding the event. Contact ends to be included will be used to pitch customer service. The individuals to serve the customers will serve the public with dignity and utmost respect and will be required to have an almost perfect knowledge of the event and all that regards it in terms of entrance fees, how to access tickets, how the parking issues are catered for and the directions to be the designated location of the event.

The marketing end will address the various components of the event, its features and the aspect of life it intends to satisfy. It will also include the location of the event and the places where people will be required to access their advance tickets. Other than the posters, the marketing of the event will also utilize the power of social media to mobilize individuals for the event. Tickets will also get to be sold online in sites the target population frequents, for example Facebook, Twitter and ads on Google and other websites. The marketing mix will also be sure to indicate the prices of tickets in advance, online and entrance packages.

In addition to that, the marketing team will include promotions where individuals will get their tickets through means away from normal. For example, attendees that choose to make their ticket purchases online or in advance will benefit from reduced prices, compared to those that do the same on the day of the event. The parking permits will be catered for on behalf of the audience and non-alcoholic drinks provided free.

The downside of the online feature in the marketing mix is that people rarely spend time to check out ads online and the issues they address. To counter that, the committee decided they would offer cheaper tickets online to encourage internet users to take advantage of the opportunity.

HR and Staffing

The event organizers in this Halloween event are a team of event organizing professionals with decades of experience in the event organizing industry and as such, know the various sides and bends involved in the successful planning of an event. The event coordinator, who doubles as the chairperson of the event organizing committee, leads the team. The team has individuals that are experts in the event industry and have contacts to the various resources needed to make an event a success. In addition, the team features a group of entertainers who have been in the show business for long enough to master the skills needed to build the charisma needed to entertain a multitude.

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