Question: Ways in which the north and south had far different cultures in the area of politics, economics, and social customs

There exists major indifferences between the north and south as a result of the 1861 – 1865 civil war that raged across the nation leaving behind diversification and distinct paths in between the two regions. To begin with, the northern climate and soil fertility was favorable to small scale farming as opposed to large-scale farming practices. This led to a flourishment in the industrial sectors given the availability and abundance of resources as compared to the south. The industrialization effect led to a quick emergence of many cities in the north such as New York, which had the largest population distribution.

In the early 1860s, a majority of the northern inhabitants were living in urban areas, leading to the drastic drop in the percentage of farmers and laborers working in farms (Goldfield, 2014). Slavery in the north had been eradicated and, in return, replaced by the increased immigrant labor coming from Europe to settle in the north as compared to the south. The north witnessed increased urbanization and enhanced living standards coupled with better transportation giving the northern part and economic upswing. Economic scale up further led to the introduction of education and healthcare treatment compared to the south hence leaving the southerners more prone and exposed to diseases and death (Goldfield ,2014).

The south, on the other hand, had fertile soil that favored large-scale agricultural practices which ensured crops like tobacco and cotton were vastly grown for their economic significance. The significant profits from agriculture made southerners see no need in industrialization; slavery diminished in the south with more peculiar institutions being tied to the culture and economy of the region. Most southerners lived in rural areas with only a small portion living in urban areas. These factors stalled the southern economy while the northern economy experienced a boom at the time (Goldfield, 2014).


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